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(L to R): Kelly Kohlbrenner and John Murphy

There is a local community group called “PAY IT FORWARD” of friends, who have come together to take what they have learned from their past experience and to help each other with lessons learned. 

They wanted to give back to our Veterans for Christmas. They found “Rockland Homes For Heroes” and decided this was where they wanted to help. They contributed very generous Gift Cards to every former homeless Veteran who have made a new start in our community. 

The “PAY IT FORWARD” family of friends seek no praise, no attention, no identification, no thank-yous, only the personal joy and peace of unselfish giving.

The people of Rockland of all faiths, races, religions, political parties, etc. have not only welcomed our Veterans but continued to show their gratitude for their Service. 

The photos of Kelly Kohlbrenner and I are with two former fellow Marine Corps Veterans who have built new lives after finding a permanent home in the supportive rental apartments called “ROCKLAND HOMES FOR HEROES” on Western Highway in Tappan. These gentlemen give testimony of the power of “Kindness & Compassion”.

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