Our Campaign


In November 2013, we completed Phase I of our master plan – the construction of 8 supportive housing units, a community center, garden and recreational area, on the historic 6-acre property known as Camp Shanks during World War 2.  

Phase I proved to be an enormous success. Lives were changed, hopes renewed and new futures written. 

The next chapter

Phase II calls for the development of an additional 12 supportive housing units on the property by July of 2021.  These new apartment-style units will include:

  • (1) 3-bedroom unit (1,030 square feet)
  • (3) 2-bedroom units (850 square feet each)
  • (8) 1-bedroom units (700 square feet each)

Each apartment is based on a universal design optimized for individuals with disabilities, including mobility, hearing and visual impairment. Each unit includes its own kitchen and bathroom and washer/dryer.

All apartments will be Energy Star efficient and use green building methods to reduce energy consumption. A laundry facility, mail room, and maintenance/storage area will also be constructed.

Phase III, the final phase of the project, aims to further improve the lives of our veteran residents through a new range of ideas and visions for the development of our property which are soon to be announced.

Our Appeal for Support

RH4H is appealing to all members of its service community – from businesses and families to public officials at all levels of government – for their contributions to the 2nd and 3rd Phases of the project.

The $2,000,000+ cost to develop RH4H’s first 8 units was covered primarily by Government Grants. In addition, people from all walks of life contributed their time, money and – in many cases – basic construction materials, to ensure the success of the project.

Our goal for Phase 2 and 3 is to raise $4.2 million over the next 3 years for the construction of 12 new supported housing units (approximately $350k per unit). 

Moreover, RH4H has an immediate objective to raise $400,000 to cover pre-construction costs, including engineering studies, architectural fees and site preparation.

We are also aggressively seeking support through Federal Departments, particularly the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funding for the ongoing operation of the facility will continue to be provided in the form of veterans’ rental subsidies and individual educational and medical entitlement

"Homelessness is life without a future. It breeds loneliness, despair, hopelessness, depression, addiction and – too often – suicide. We’re fighting to give our veterans a chance to create a meaningful life for themselves outside of uniform."
John Murphy headshot
John Murphy
RH4H Chairman

Make a Donation,
Make a Difference.

We call on your generosity to help us reach our immediate goal of $400,000 for pre-construction costs, including engineering studies, architectural fees and site preparation.

A Small Donation Can make a big impact