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There will be a wonderful music festival held on western Highway in Tappan on Sat June 25 & Sun June 26.  Its Producer, Joe D’Urso, a Tappan resident and internationally popular Rock Musician, has invited many worthy local charities to set up a “Meet & Greet” table at the festival. As usual, this good neighbor and friend of “Rockland Homes For Heroes” on Western Highway in Tappan always makes sure we are included in the invitation.

Leslie Crunden and Margaret Fitzpatrick, who are part of our charitable volunteer efforts to create and operate affordable supportive rental apartments for our displaced and disabled Veterans, are going to set up our table in the hope that the festival attendees will stop by to learn more about us. If you would like to volunteer to spend an hour or two hosting the table, please contact Leslie at Leslie4Clients@outlook.com.

Clarkstown’s newest Councilman Dan Caprara, a regular volunteer for us, and Tappan Resident Joe Chabot were our first volunteer hosts as well as two of our resident Veterans.


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