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Seen here is a photo of the Leo Club of the Tappan Zee High School of the South Orangetown School District, one of the highest ranked Districts in New York State. The Leo Club is a “Spin-Off” of the Blauvelt Lions Club, which is part of the World’s largest Community Service Club Organization.


Under the guidance of a great Educator and community/youth leader, Patricia Castelli, the students organized a Zumba fundraiser for the benefit of the “Rockland HomesFor Heroes” apartments on Western Highway in the Historic Hamlet of Tappan, built on a sacred military site for our “Disabled and Displaced [homeless} Veterans”. They brought together neighbors of all ages and raised over $1,000 for our Veterans.

Seen in this photo is a presentation of a contribution of over $2,200 being presented to “Rockland Homes For Heroes” by Grace’s Thrift Shop at 10 S. Broadway in the Village of Nyack. This beloved store has been a 501[c]3 oasis since1968 of the very civilized tradition of accepting donations of clothing and household goods for resale at very modest affordable prices and donates profits to local charities. This contribution was assembled in many modest amounts in the circle of caring by the donations and the time contributions of many volunteers, some for over 20 years.


The Shop is entirel operated these volunteers; Brandon Beauchamp, Theresa Bergen, Raymond Bergen, Ann Bush, Carol Curto, Kevin Faherty, Kickie Fulmar, Martha Graham, Betsy Growney, Michael Growney, Aggie Jackno, Joan Jenson, Mary O’Donaghue, Paula Spruck, Carol Streichart, Patrice Tiffany + Elizabeth, Sheila & Suzanne.


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