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For the past 40 years, the CWA Local 1107 Union/Verizon in Rockland County has been a strong supporter of Veterans in general and many other charities. It is very active on behalf of our “Rockland Homes For Heroes” Affordable Supportive Apartment Program on the only remaining parcel of the historic “Last Stop USA/Camp Shanks” site on Western Highway in the hamlet of Tappan, which provides permanent housing for our displaced and disabled Veterans.

During WW II, over one million plus GIs left the USA from Camp Shanks to fight the nazi army from D-Day on the beaches of France to V-Day in Berlin, many never to return home.

The Union members, both Veterans and non-Veterans, do more that just support our program, they each do 22 push-ups [the “Push-Up Challenge”] every day to bring attention to the fact that 22 Veterans commit suicide every day in America. This screams volumes. And they also decided to give and solicit contributions for “Rockland Homes For Heroes”.


In this photo are the Murphys and the Capraras paying tribute and gratitude to them and receiving a contribution check from them for $600. John Murphy, a former Marine, is the Founder and President of “Rockland Homes For Heroes: and Dan is a “Rockland Homes For Heroes” volunteer and the Business Agent for the Union Local, who does his 22 push-ups every day and donates his own money. 


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