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There were many wonderful public expressions of tribute to our Veterans in Rockland County on the 2016 Veterans Day, but none more encouraging than what Artie & Brayden Garcia and Brendan & Madelyn “Maddie” Troy did.

Artie & Maddie are 1st Graders, Brendan & Brayden are 3 year olds. They built a “Hot Chocolate” stand to raise money for the “Rockland Homes For Heroes” Veteran housing on Western Highway in Tappan.  Their efforts raised $255!

This screams volumes about our nation’s future and about what makes great parenting. And Thank You to all the good people who stopped by and made a contribution to our Veterans!

[L to R]: Artie, Maddie, Brendan



Pictured above (L to R) are Artie, Maddie, Brendan.



Pictured above (L to R) are Artie, Brayden, Maddie.



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