As we prepare ourselves for Memorial Day 2020, when we reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice of all our military martyrs, we have a reason to celebrate.

The GenOn Bowline energy plant in West Haverstraw has donated $5,000 toward the effort to help end veteran homelessness in the Mid-Hudson.

The money will be used to add 14 more Supported Apartments for homeless veterans on the “Homes For Heroes” site on Western Highway in Tappan.

The 7-acre site is the last remaining parcel of the 2,000+ acre WWII Port of Embarkation named “Camp Shanks” (Last Stop USA). Over 1.3 million GI’s from all over America were posted there until they crossed the Atlantic Ocean for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, where they were posted until D-Day, on the beaches of France and ending 3 years later when the Nazis surrendered on V-Day. Thousands of mostly young men never came home. The “Homes for Heroes” will serve as a living memorial to them and all the military Martyrs across the globe in the 3 wars that followed WWII. 

The GenOn Bowline plant family includes many veterans and they are committed to all veterans. GenOn Bowline is committed to not only its customers and veterans, but to the entire community. This generous contribution will be used exclusively to building more Supportive Apartments for homeless veterans.

(L to R) Gerald LaFond, the Plant Manager; John Murphy in the Marne Corps cap; Chrissy Croyle; Luke Argueta, a 2020 Graduate of West Point; Colby Brungart

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