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We are thrilled to announce that M&T Bank has made a very generous contribution to our campaign to raise funds to build 12 additional Supportive Apartments for homeless veterans on the iconic historic “Camp Shanks/Last Stop USA”  site in Tappan.

Over 1.3 GI’s left America from Camp Shanks, the Army’s WW II largest port of embarkation, to fight the Nazi army from D-Day to V-Day . Many never came home.

The contribution was delivered by Nino Pesce, M&T Bank’s Vice President/Relationship Manager. The contribution has great meaning for RH4H because many years ago, M&T made a generous contribution to Loeb House to help get it started as a not-for-profit 501[c]3 charity to create community housing for our mentally ill. Loeb House became so successful that it now provides very valuable personal support services to RH4H’s resident veterans at below cost.

Nino Pesce, M&T Bank Vice President/Relationship Manager, presents a generous contribution to Rockland Homes for Heroes.

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