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Anyone who thinks everyone has forgotten about our veterans is mistaken.

On every annual special day such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, etc. some kind person or family or organization steps forward with gifts of food, clothing or household/personal items for our resident veterans who were formerly homeless.

In this instance, the donor is Debora Duffy of Chestnut Ridge.

In her own words – “America owes a debt to our heroes that protect our freedom. I am pleased to be associated with the Rockland Homes For Heroes and help the veterans in a small way by providing Easter baskets. It was a pleasure to meet most of them. I hope more people learn about the plans to add 14 more Supportive Apartments and make a one time or monthly donation. That’s the least we can do.”

(L to R): John Allen Murphy, Deborah Duffy, John A. Vitale. Michel Smith, and Clifford Planty. All four men are Marines.


(L to R): John Allen Murphy, Deborah Duffy and Dennis – who served In the Navy.

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