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Masonic Award for Rockland Homes for Heroes - May 2018
On left is John Conklin, President of the Masonic Guild of Stony Point Wawayanda Masonic Lodge. John Conklin is a Past Master of the Lodge. On the right is Murry Cohen, also a Past Master of the Lodge.

During my past 4+ decades of volunteer charitable work in Rockland County, many organizations and people have stood beside me with commitment, passion, and generosity of time, labor & money. Among them are the Masons. 

In keeping with their national ethos (note: the Masons are in the very top tier of national charitable support of an operation of medical research and hospitals), they were there on Day One and are still there as strong as any ally of patriotism, charity, and humanitarianism. 

They recently donated $7,500 to the Rockland Homes For Heroes mission to end Veteran homelessness. The money will go to launching the “Rockland Homes For Heroes” campaign to add 12 more supported apartments for homeless Veterans on the former site of the historic Camp Shanks-Last Stop USA on Western Highway in Tappan.

The $5000 check was from the Lodge & the $2500 check that Conklin presented was from our Freemasons of New York State Guild.

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